4 Degrees C = Desperate, savage, evil, unstable.

4 Degrees C Dates

We clearly are in no way prepared for this future.

This projection of global warming if we keep doing what we have been doing is desperate, savage, evil and unstable. And we will reach this around 2060 or 2080.

As Professor Kevin Anderson eloquently put it, 4 degrees C of warming “is incompatible with an organized global community.”

And don’t forgot, a global average temperature of 4 degrees C of warming means that land temperatures will be even hotter. 5 to 6 degrees C hotter over land. With summer heat extremes 6 to 8 degrees C in China and 10 to 12 degrees C in New York.

Here in Brooklyn, a hot 90 degree F summer day would now be a
dangerous 111 degree emergency.


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